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We are live on Sunday's at 1pm please click the below logo at this time to watch a short live message of hope from within the hall.

(Please note, we are only livestreaming on Facebook at this present time therefore you will need a Facebook account to watch us live).


In-case you have missed our messages, you can view them here
(Click the below links to watch)

Message of Hope - 02nd August 2020 (The Pandemic of Sin)

Message of Hope - 09th August 2020 (The Good News of the Gospel)

Message of Hope - 16th August 2020 (God's free gift to you)

Message of Hope - 23rd August 2020 (What Good, is Good Works?)

Message of Hope - 30th August 2020 (Behold NOW is the accepted time)

Message of Hope - 06th September (The Second Chance from God)

Message of Hope - 13th September (Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven)

Message of Hope - 20th September (The bible centres on Jesus)