June 2023

We are now currently out of phases from the Scottish Government’s recovery plan.

Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday in the hall at 12 pm for our Live Family Service. This will be around a 30 minute service.  If you are able to attend, you are welcome to stay for tea/coffee afterwards at 12:30pm.  If you have any questions on what you hear from this service, please get in contact with us.

The hall will be open on a Sunday morning for the Lord's Supper service and partakers is for believers only at 10:30am.

We will continue to have videos for bible teaching available to watch here, on YouTube, and our website as well throughout the week.

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About ourselves

The Christians who meet in the Almondvale Gospel Hall acknowledge the Bible to be the word of God and it is the basis of their beliefs and teaching. Salvation is offered in the Scriptures to all who acknowledge that they are sinners and place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and on His death, burial and resurrection. To those who do so, eternal life is given as a free gift, and once given, it is never taken away.

We further believe that every Christian believer should obey the scriptural injunction to be baptised by total immersion, as was practiced by the early church and recorded in the book of Acts in the New Testament.

We believe that contrary to the practice of “one man ministry” in the organised church, the scriptural order for church government is for chosen elders, divinely set apart, to oversee the various functions of the local church, with respect to worship and Christian service.

We believe that as a local church we have a responsibility to reach out to the people in our community with the message of the Christian gospel and further, to promote the sending out of missionaries to evangelise in other parts of the world.

Every Sunday, the Christians gather to remember the Lord Jesus in the Lord's supper.  The bread symbolises His body that was broken for us, and the cup which we drink symbolises the blood in which He shed for us. This will be done until the Lord Jesus comes again.


Our welcome to you

We invite you to come to our hall any Sunday at 12pm for the commencement of our Family Services.  There will be a time of worship to begin with, followed by the short message of hope at 12:15pm.  We then hope you would stay afterwards for tea/coffee and a chat at 12:30pm in our hall.

If you are not in the vicinity but would like to watch us live, feel free to do so by clicking the following link around 12:15pm: Livestream Page (must be registered on Facebook).

Sunday morning we invite believers who have letters from their assembly to come visit us openly, our morning worship service commences at 10:30am.

Tuesday, we have a time of prayer and bible study at 7:30pm. At present we are having a short prayer meeting then watching a ministry video by the booked preacher for that particular day, on a large screen within the hall.



We would ask that prior to visiting us, in the current conditions that you would not enter the hall if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus.